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Estimation and Costing

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Estimation and Costing

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Estimation and Costing

Theory and Practice Guide

This book consists of examples of estimate on residential layout & method of preparing layout plans, estimate & costing. This book contains rate analysis & specifications of works.
Engineers & supervisors involved in the construction of layout projects often require information on planning & estimation in the discharge of work. The coefficients are likely to vary due to technological innovations & the skill of workmen and other local factors. The basic details and information provided to help young engineers. I would like to apologize for any mistakes left inadvertently and will welcome comment/suggestion from the readers.

This book is the general reference guide for normal residential layout work. However for the specialized job, one must consult experts. The drawings & detail is only for educational point
& not for execution.


1 Land

2 Documentation

3 Revenue Process

4 Brief on Bye-laws

6 Area Statement

7 Official Payment details

8 Specifications

9 Project Drawings

a Over Head Water Tank.

b Boundary Wall details.

c Layout Plans.

d Road Section.

e Stormwater Drain & culverts.

f Water Supply.

g Over Head Electrical.

h Park development.

i Entrance Gate Structure.

10 Area Statement of Layout

11 Development Activities

12 Market Rates of Materials & Labour

13 Rate Analysis

14 Estimate of Activities

a Over Head Tank

b Entrance Arch Gate

c Boundary Wall

d Roads

e Storm Water Drain

f Culverts

g External Plumbing & Water Supply

h Park fencing/Development works.

i Other Works

j Over Head Electrification

15 Total Costing of Development Activities

16 Project Photos

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