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Practical Hand Book for Building Construction

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Practical Hand Book for Building Construction

Practical Hand Book for Building Construction book is the result of years of experience & its compilation. Always felt during many years of experience civil works site personnel spend a lot of their time and energy searching various data details for routine work. Engineers & supervisors involved in the construction of buildings often require information urgently in the discharge of work. The basic details and information provided help young engineers in saving time. I would like to apologize for any mistakes left inadvertently and will welcome
comment/suggestion from the readers. This book is the general reference guide for normal building construction work. However for specialized jobs, one must consult experts,


Basic Engineering

  1. Conversion factors
  2. Basic formulas
  3. Cement Concrete
  4. Water cement ratio
  5. Workability of Concrete
  6. Grade of concrete
  7. Units of Measurements
  8. Units of Procurement of Materials
  9. Materials quantity calculations
  10. Thumb rule estimation of steel
  11. Curing Period
  12. Removal of formwork
  13. Measurement details
  14. Frequently Asked Interview Preparations

Quality Control

  1. Building Materials
  2. Cement & Tests
  3. Sand & Tests
  4. Coarse Aggregate & Tests.
  5. Steel & Tests.
  6. Bricks & Tests
  7. Important Points to Remember
  8. General notes on concrete.
  9. Test for Concrete
  10. Test on Completed Structure
  11. Slump Test
  12. Compressive strength test
  13. Formats
  14. Acceptance criteria
  15. Sampling Frequency
  16. Quality standard objectives
  17. Soils & Foundations
  18. Concreting
  19. Snag list
  20. Brick Work
  21. Plastering
  22. Snag list
  23. Daily Progress Report. ( DPR )
  24. Monthly Material Received Report.
  25. Monthly Labour Report.
  26. Measurement Sheet.
  27. Cement Register.
  28. Cube test Register.
  29. Level Sheet CheckList
  30. Excavation.
  31. PCC
  32. Shuttering.
  33. Water Proofing.
  34. Rebar.
  35. Prior Concrete.
  36. During Concrete.
  37. After Concrete.
  38. Brick Masonry
  39. Third-Party test reports for bricks.
  40. Plastering
  41. Third-party test report of water
  42. Door fixing
  43. Tiling.
  44. Dadoing
  45. Granolithic flooring
  46. Painting.

Quantity Survey

  1. Sub-structure activities.
  2. Sample footing drawings.
  3. Plan & section details.
  4. Schedule of footings.
  5. Quantity Calculations of footings.
  6. Abstract of footings.
  7. Building Components.
  8. Checklist for the estimate.
  9. Floor level, Road level, & foundation levels.
  10. High flood level.
  11. List of drawings required.
  12. The sequence of work.
  13. Formats.
  14. Calculation of materials for concrete.
  15. Calculation of Materials for Brickwork.
  16. % of wastages.
  17. Calculation of Materials for Plastering.
  18. Coefficients for Plastering
  19. Coefficients for theoretical consumption of materials.
  20. Labour Estimate/ Labour Outturn
  21. Rate Analysis Model.
  22. % cost of different materials in a residential building.
  23. Time Vs Cost in a Project.
  24. Factors for rate analysis.
  25. Thumb rule estimation for steel.
  26. Construction cost.
  27. Pre-construction cost.
  28. Extra item cost.
  29. Total costing.
  30. UG water tank drawings.
  31. The capacity of the tank.
  32. Abstract estimate of quantities of the tank.
  33. Material requirements for UG tank.
  34. Materials cost for UG tank.
  35. Labour Cost for UG tank.
  36. Total cost UG tank

Practical Hand Book for Building Construction

Bar Bending Schedule

  1. Calculation of weight of steel.
  2. Weight of steel rods
  3. Calculations for the cut length of Stirrups.
  4. Sample footing & Tie beam drawings.
  5. Structural details.
  6. Shape of Bar.
  7. Bar bending schedule.
  8. Concrete quantity.
  9. Concrete quantity Vs steel quantity.
  10. Important tips.
  11. Typical section details.
  12. Lapping details in column.
  13. Notes in drawings
  14. Important Tips.
  15. Stirrups details at the junction.


  1. Carpet Area.
  2. Built-up area/Plinth area
  3. Super built-up area/Saleable area.
  4. FSI/FAR
  5. Planning Authorities
  6. Planning parameters.
  7. Land Use.
  8. List of statutory approval.
  9. Building efficiency
  10. GAD Toilet
  11. Different sizes of Bathrooms.
  12. Wet Area & Dry Area.
  13. Joinery details of bathroom.
  14. Plumbing drawing.
  15. Pipes specifications.
  16. Images & photos.

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